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sirayuk 18.06.12 - 01:21am
is realy the end preacher now try 2 meet the need of christians thereby preaching only what they like. to sooth their desire,but apostle Paul said to Timothypreach the word.............2Tim4:2 *

leonado1 25.06.12 - 08:33am
When preaching the word,it have to go with the condition of the day,we are living at the end of time people should be reminded of the end. *

sirayuk 10.07.12 - 12:05pm
we called to make deciple 4 Jesus. not that poeple should only rely what we say buy also on what they hear Jesus say. personal revelation is important too. like here, They said to the woman, We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world. (John 4:42). *

endtimes 12.07.12 - 09:08pm
Time for soothing ears are long gone. We must prepare the way of the Lord. The harvest is ready. Time for us christians to wake up and have our lamps trimmed. The time is at hand. Prophecy is coming into fulfillment very quickly now.we must sound the alarm. *

aries752 20.08.12 - 12:36am
The end times prophet is receiving messages directly from God,Jesus & his blessed mother Mary ! This site is free to be read & available to all - christians & non christians & not only to catholics it applies to all peoples of this world !!! These messages are available at www.thewarningsecondcoming.com , on there also is the Seal of the Living God which is there for everyone both catholic & non catholic alike no one is exempt from this blessing & all blessings on this site ! I ask anyone who reads this message please pass on this site it may save your eternal life & soul !!! Many thanks for taking the time to read this message !!! God bless you all & save you for all of eternity !!! Amen *

sirayuk 26.08.12 - 04:40pm
poeple seem to play or hold the word with finger tips, the wind of God will blow out and it has alredy started only the word will stand, the bible says The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: because the spirit of the LORD bloweth upon it: surely the people is grass. The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever. (Isaiah 40:7-8). *

way2go 22.06.14 - 05:04pm
There are NO extra revelations from God. We have all we need in the written word, the Bible. Mary, mother of Jesus, does not give revelation messages from heaven. Jesus Christ is the only intercessor between men and God, no other. We have to be careful of signs and portents which are from Satan himself, which mislead people. Jesus warned of such in MATTHEW 24 verse 24. *

aries752 7.09.14 - 11:11am
Thats your opinion my friend + you are entitled to that. But if that is the case, how do you explain sites like Lourdes, Fatima, Knock, Garabandal to name a few, where Mary imparts messages on behalf of God + Jesus asking people to pray more + repent of their sins, also to warn of forthcoming chastisements if man does not turn back to God ? God used the prophets in the bible to convey his messages to mankind, surely he can do so in modern times also ? God is Almighty , the creator of all things, surely he can use whatever means he wishes to convey his message, as well as through the bible ? *

sirayuk 16.06.16 - 01:43pm
Why do people bow to images in church, if we are not getting to the Bible we cannot see what's wrong with what we do. *

sirayuk 16.06.16 - 01:46pm
Don't be deceived if u hear anything from even a pope or prophet check it from scriptures, *

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