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Subject: anybody here?
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n1ck 19.06.14 - 09:00pm
Hey all. I've been away from Prodigits for quite a long time. Now that I've come back to say hi to everyone, I see that there's very little activity in the Christian groups these days. Where is everyone? Do you guys hang out elsewhere now? :) Anyway! I trust you are all well. Give me a shout if you're still here. Nick *

way2go 22.06.14 - 03:01pm
I remember you, N1ck... I'm just looking in to see what's going on as I haven't used Prodigits much in a fair while. *

b2007k 20.08.17 - 08:29am
for sure our once mighty prodigits is dead *

b2007k 20.08.17 - 08:30am
i was last in prodigits 6 years ago *

b2007k 20.08.17 - 08:31am
i remember Anjan used to be useful in the Nokia forum

warded 21.09.17 - 02:18pm
also jscott in s60 forum *

endtimes 8.06.18 - 07:19am
Hi all. Its been years since i have been here. Just came in for a peep *

leonado1 5.04.19 - 06:11am
I see prodigits dying slowly,ithink facebook replaced all the sites.Iwish prodigits to return back. *

warded 5.04.19 - 05:12pm
Groups require some manual labor work.GIF *

festus36 18.07.19 - 04:04pm
Don't let group die completely. *

sankiz 2.07.20 - 02:30pm
There are much activity like bud,game,fun,movies,robort chat,chat,group,page and too much more *

alikuemmanuel 26.10.20 - 06:22pm
Invest R2000 and get R10,000 in 48 hours *

peter56789 14.12.20 - 05:08pm
Hello..am new here *

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