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Subject: New Group Chat!!
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seastarr 18.08.08 - 11:03pm
Old Chat mysteriously locked it's self! We continue Christain Fellowship here. blossom.GIF *

seastarr 18.08.08 - 11:07pm
Welcome, hi4.GIF
if you came looking for the perfect group,
searching.GIF well sorry, you came to the wrong place.
If you came looking for a place to hide, hiding.GIF well, we'll probably find you.
If you came try and find something, looking_for.GIF we'll help you look for it somehow. But if you came looking for Jesus, i'm sure we can introduce you to Him. hug.GIFWelcome message copied from old chat.Author Sis Endtime hug.GIF *

seastarr 18.08.08 - 11:14pm
hi4.GIF Everyone have a great week. God bless each one here. foxigalx.GIF *

endtimes 19.08.08 - 05:16am
searching.GIF strange locking phenomenon.. sis seastarr, thanks for taking initiative to begin new group chat hug.GIF May everyone here have a blessed day flowers.GIF *

jewely31 19.08.08 - 04:42pm
lpoolsxy.GIF hi4.GIF evry1 im back my 2 dear sisi gigglez.GIF... Hope all members, guest and newbies are enjoying ur stay here @ Arma. God richly bless Us all triodance.GIF *

seastarr 19.08.08 - 11:49pm
Ur welcome sisi hug.GIF Have a blessed day in the Lord flowers4u.GIF *

seastarr 20.08.08 - 12:01am
Let's dance in Praise! dance.GIF dani2.GIF carrot.GIF dance_purple.GIFdani2.GIF dance_green.GIF *

endtimes 20.08.08 - 05:19am
triodance.GIF *

seastarr 20.08.08 - 07:38pm
triodance.GIF triodance.GIF *

joe.sa 21.08.08 - 03:49pm
Signing in! swing.GIF *

festus36 21.08.08 - 04:55pm
I am also signing in. Have a lovely week and weekend. flowers4u.GIF *

seastarr 22.08.08 - 03:25am
hi4.GIF everyone. Have a blessed weekend. foxigalx.GIF *

rider13 22.08.08 - 05:05am
egdance.GIF hi friends. Sorry I havent been here much lately. Big things happening this week for me. Will be here much more starting Monday. God bless you all and have a restful and blessed week end! giveheart.GIF *

eclipse2 22.08.08 - 11:01pm
hi3.GIF Greeting all my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ! Have a blessings filled weekend. blossom.GIF *

lost106 23.08.08 - 11:08am
Hope you all have had a great week and hope your weekend goes well *

jewely31 23.08.08 - 04:25pm
Amen! thanks.GIF lost106... hello3.GIF ppol of armageddon hello.GIF and welc*m kivuli and all newbies here. Wishing evry1 a wonderful and blessed weekend.
carrot.GIF dani2.GIF carrot.GIF dani2.GIF.

seastarr 27.08.08 - 08:05am

hi4.GIF everyone! God bless each one carrot.GIF *

endtimes 27.08.08 - 08:24am
Hi everyone sneeze.GIF *

rider13 27.08.08 - 08:49pm
Greeting in Jesus name to all members here! I apoligize for not being here, but I am and have been very sick since Sa ay. Please keep me in your prayers that I recover soon! God bless all of you.giveheart.GIF *

endtimes 27.08.08 - 08:58pm
Will do sis, be praying for you, we miss you cry2.GIF *

endtimes 28.08.08 - 05:31am
hi3.GIF hi all the group chatters, hope you all have a great day! *

endtimes 29.08.08 - 05:21am
looking_for.GIF *

seastarr 29.08.08 - 05:51am
hi4.GIF sisi. I was in the other room read.GIF reading interesting topics! Wow thank God that Jesus already won the Victory for us! angel.GIF *

endtimes 29.08.08 - 06:14am
Hello sisi hug.GIF yes, while im sick, im working on more topics dance2.GIF praise the Lord! *

seastarr 29.08.08 - 06:17am
I saw 2 new ones coming soon. God will bless you sisi hug.GIF *

jewely31 29.08.08 - 02:07pm
missu.GIF u both my dear sisters. And to both of u Be Completely Healed in d Name of Jesus. flowers4u.GIF. *

jewely31 29.08.08 - 02:19pm
To all new members welcome.GIF to ARMA
wideload hi2.GIF
abdullai hi2.GIF
ifeanyib hi2.GIF
angelb rose.GIF
cindy4sm rose.GIF
bonitz rose.GIF
happy.GIF glad 2 have u all here at ARMA. Enjoy ur stay evry1. God bless U all egdance.GIF *

seastarr 30.08.08 - 11:55am
Welcome to all the new members. God bless each one. Also add to list above:
4peach manicure.GIF
dolores2 rose.GIF
heinrch hi2.GIF glad you are all here. Please parti te in the games and post topics as the Lord leads you. starfish2.GIF *

jewely31 30.08.08 - 03:53pm
dance_purple.GIF dance_purple.GIF dance_purple.GIF
dance_white.GIF dance_white.GIF dance_white.GIF
dance.GIF dance.GIF dance.GIF
happy happy.GIF weekend to all. GOD BLESS *

endtimes 1.09.08 - 05:11am
Good day friends hello.GIF may the week ahead be blessed *

jazzmin7 1.09.08 - 08:34am
wave.GIF Just dropped in to say hello! I enjoyed my visit. Great group! happy.GIF *

jewely31 1.09.08 - 11:01am
scared2.GIF jz popped if sum1 @ home hello.GIF nobody run.GIF.
oops.GIF hi4.GIF jazzmin7 thanks.GIF 4 visiting us plz c*m more often ur vry much welc*m here at Arma. God bless egdance.GIF *

endtimes 1.09.08 - 08:39pm
triodance.GIF *

seastarr 2.09.08 - 12:20am
triodance.GIF *

jidat 2.09.08 - 01:35am
anybody home... hello...lo..lo./echo. wheres evry body... dy..dy.. ha..ha. *

endtimes 2.09.08 - 05:10am
Hey bro jidat hi3.GIF seastarr and me were dancing triodance.GIF *

he.lives 2.09.08 - 09:54pm
End of time. You it true . It's come to the end. So which side are you on? *

jewely31 3.09.08 - 04:04am
smileyez.GIF A blessed day to all members and guest of Arma hello.GIF
welcome.GIF to our new members
opiii hi2.GIF
he.lives hi4.GIF
hayley02 hi2.GIF
ptla hi4.GIF
l.p.j. hi2.GIF
akil28 hello.GIF
fella4 hello2.GIF
eloise rose.GIF
thank_you.GIF for joining guys, ur parti tion is vry much appreciated. May u will learn and bless by all d topics here. God bls triodance.GIF *

seastarr 3.09.08 - 04:49am
hi4.GIF welcome to our newest members. God bless each of you starfish2.GIF *

endtimes 3.09.08 - 05:02am
Welcome to every new member here happy.GIF happy to see you all hug.GIF *

joe.sa 3.09.08 - 11:14am
hi2.GIF everyone! *

seastarr 4.09.08 - 12:02pm
KVj6HHdPf6JakbA4KVch.gif Hello and God bless each one today. *

jewely31 4.09.08 - 01:31pm
hi4.GIF everybody! hug.GIF congrats Sis endtimes Armageddon is no.1 grp. Endid ur labor is not in vain. TO GOD BE ALL GLORY,HONOR AND PRAISE!!! bow.GIF *

endtimes 4.09.08 - 02:12pm
I thank each of you for making this group grow and prosper hug.GIF all the glory to our Lord and Savior! dani2.GIF *

drromana 4.09.08 - 10:56pm
Wow God has really blessed this group. Congrats sisi. May He continually bless you and all the members here. Praise His name!! *

seastarr 5.09.08 - 09:36am

Fp8AuSr1y3SpDTSGJqzJ.gif Praise the Lord for blessing this group. That is wonderful sisi hug.GIF *

jewely31 7.09.08 - 03:31pm
hello.GIF hi4.GIF evry1! May u have all a blessed weekend...
egdance.GIF boogie.GIF triodance.GIF *

kashish8 9.09.08 - 06:11am
Im leaving this group. Bcoz here is no freedom to give opinion. My posts has been deleted. So why did u wrote in description that noncristian are also welcome? If u dont want to listen them. Good bye. MAY ALLAH BLESS U. *

honeyluu 9.09.08 - 07:46am
The GOD we save is working in this group people. His spirit is here. Amen *

solvent1 9.09.08 - 10:06am
Endtimes i have always said you are a Star In Gods eyes. It takes a true child of God to achieve what you have. You have done this in Gods name without dishonesty. I pray that i can stay a special friend of yours. *

jewely31 9.09.08 - 11:42am
hello.GIF evry1 hi4.GIF may u have all a great day triodance.GIF. God bless to all *

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